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Tandem Axle Car Hauler

Work harder and look great while doing it with the 70CH Tandem Axle Car Hauler, a tough and versatile car hauler purpose-built to transport cars, small tractors, ATVs, and side-by-sides. This tandem axle car hauler comes equipped with steel teardrop fenders that are bolted on for easy removal and reinstallation, giving you flexibility during loading and unloading and making maintenance easier. And if you want to make loading and unloading safer, an optional 4’ slide-in angle ramp package does just that. Pack it up. Haul it out. Get it done. The 70CH has your back.

70CH 70CH

Model Pull Type GVWR Empty Weight Cargo Capacity Bed Length Bed Width A B C Tongue Length
70CH-20 Bumperpull 7000 lbs 2060 lbs 4940 lbs 20' 83" 240" 138" 102" 45"
70CH-18 Bumperpull 7000 lbs 1910 lbs 5090 lbs 18' 83" 217-1/2" 127" 90-1/2" 45"
70CH-16 Bumperpull 7000 lbs 1760 lbs 5240 lbs 16' 83" 193-1/2" 115" 78-1/2" 45"
70CH-14 Bumperpull 7000 lbs 1610 lbs 5390 lbs 14' 83" 169-1/2" 103" 72-1/2" 45"

Standard Feature Available Options
Axles 2 - 3,500# Premium, Cambered Axles with Quick-Lubricating Hubs
Brakes Forward Self Adjusting Electric Brake on Front Axle Electric Brakes on 2nd Axle
Suspension Multi-Leaf Spring w/ Equalizer
Tongue 4” Channel Fold Back/Wrap Tongue
Coupler 2" Forged, Adjustable 2-5/16” Forged Coupler 2-5/16” Stamped Coupler
Safety Chains 1/4” Grd. 70 w/Safety Latch Hook (2 each)
Jack 2,000# Top Wind, Set-Back Jack 8,000# Drop-Leg Jack 2,000# Fold-Up Jack
Frame 5” x 3” x 5/16" Angle (1/4" on 16')
Cross-Members 3” x 2” x 3/16” Angle
Front Stop Rail 3/16" Fabricated Front Stop Rail
Floor 2" Treated Pine or Douglas Fir* Blackwood Pro Rubber Infused Lumber Floor (per linear foot) 1/8” Diamond Plate Steel Floor (Per Square Foot)
Fenders 9” x 72” Tear Drop (Removable)
Ramps 4' Slide-In Angle Ramps 4' Slide-In Angle Ramps
Dovetail Straight Deck, No Dovetail Dovetail in Existing Length (16', 18', 20' Only)
Stake Pockets Stake Pockets Along Both Sides (Quantity Varies by Length) Additional Stake Pockets (Each)
Trailer Plug 7-Way RV
Lights L.E.D. D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn & Clearance
Wiring Grommet-Mounted Lifetime L.E.D. Lighting
Tires ST205/75 R-15 Load Range C Tire Upgrade (ST225/75R-15 LR-D)
Bolt Pattern 5 on 5
Wheels Black Mod
Spare Tire Spare Tire (ST205/75R-15 LR-C)
Paint Type Professional Finish w/ Primer Standard
Paint Color Black Red Grey White Desert Tan Jet Blue Slime Green Implement Green Equipment Orange Medium Yellow

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