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Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer for Big Tex Trailers. As one of the largest and fastest growing trailer brands in North America, Big Tex Trailers is always looking for strong dealer partners in strategic markets.

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Successful dealers come in many shapes and sizes and can be located in a variety of markets. Below are a few key characteristics that set apart successful dealers from their less successful counterparts.


Is there a minimum amount of inventory required to become a dealer for Big Tex Trailers?

Yes, minimum initial inventory amounts are required to become a dealer and may vary depending on the market size and the opportunity near you. After review of your proposed location, a Big Tex Dealer Development Specialist will determine the minimum initial inventory investment needed to become a dealer.

How large of a territory/sales area will I have if I become a dealer?

Sales areas are determined on an individual basis and are strongly influenced by a number of factors. Some factors that help determine a sales area include: market size, population density, market demographics, dealer's location and facilities, dealer's product exclusivity and a dealer's regular stocking inventory levels.

How does Big Tex ship trailers to my location?

Big Tex Trailers has one of the largest distribution networks for trailers in the country. With five manufacturing plants strategically located throughout the country, Big Tex can ship to dealers from sea to shining sea. A typical shipment of trailers is usually delivered to the dealer on a 53' step-deck semi-trailer. Dealers located in close proximity to a manufacturing plant can also take advantage of our fleet of 1-Ton delivery trucks.

What would be my freight costs for a load of trailers?

Freight is charged on a per-loaded-mile basis. Typically, freight rates charged by Big Tex Trailers are much lower than market value as Big Tex regularly subsidizes freight to their dealers. Big Tex also manages its own fleet of tractor-trailers to help ensure speedy and cost effective delivery.

Do I need any equipment to unload trailers when they are shipped to me?

Dealers use a variety of methods to unload trailers. While some dealers have the luxury of having an over-head crane or hoist, the most popular method of unloading trailers is utilizing a forklift. A 8,000-10,000lb capacity forklift is recommended with at least 8' fork extensions.

How long does it typically take to order trailers from Big Tex?

Big Tex Trailers maintains the largest inventory of any manufacturer in North America. This means that Big Tex can ship the most popular and best-selling model configurations to your dealership faster than most manufacturers. Special order and custom trailers are also available. However, lead times for those products are usually longer than regular in-stock models.

What type of margins can a Big Tex dealer expect?

Trailers manufactured by Big Tex are packed with more standard features than most trailers on the market today. Since Big Tex manufactures such a large amount of trailers every year, our buying-power is tops in the industry. These factors combine to give Big Tex the BEST TRAILER at the BEST PRICE. That means profitability can be maximized at the dealer level. Margin expectations for dealers can vary depending on the local market and the competitive atmosphere of the marketplace.

Does Big Tex Trailers build other types of trailers and are they available to me as a dealer?

Big Tex Trailers only manufactures open trailers. However, subsidiaries of the Big Tex family include TexTrail Trailer Parts, CM Trailers, CM Truck Beds, and S&H Trailers. These brands provide a variety of trailers, parts and accessories. Each brand has its own set of requirements to become a dealer. Please visit each of their respective websites for more information about these products.

Can Big Tex Trailers help me with marketing?

Big Tex Trailers offers its dealers more marketing support than any other trailer manufacturer. As a Big Tex dealer, you will have access to many marketing services ranging from custom print ads to a fully integrated digital marketing strategy.

Where are Big Tex Trailer's manufacturing plants located?

Big Tex has five manufacturing plants located in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Idaho.


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