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Flatbed Goosenecks & Deck-Overs

Built Tough

Flatbed Goosenecks

Built for strength and stability during transport, Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers are constructed to haul wide and large equipment, vehicles and palletized material with safety and security.

Hydraulic Dovetail Goosenecks

With a hydraulic powered dovetail that makes loading and unloading quick and easy, these trailers safely and securely haul large equipment and palletized material.

Deck-Over Tag-Alongs

Take on the biggest jobs with our Deck-Over Tag-Alongs, heavy-duty trailers equipped with the strength, durability, and safety features to move thousands of pounds of cargo.

Deck-Over Pintles

With more width available to use for cargo, our rugged and durable Deck-Over Pintle trailers are built to securely haul big and bulky loads across rough and uneven terrain.

Flatbed Goosenecks Hydraulic Dovetail Goosenecks Deck-Over Tag-Alongs Deck-Over Pintles


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48000 58000

37850 47650


Pintle Heavy Equipment Transport

Width: 102"

Length: 25', 29'

GVWR: 48,000 lbs

Cargo Capacity: 37,850—39,050 lbs



Triple Axle Pintle Heavy Equipment Transport

Width: 102"

Length: 29', 33'

GVWR: 58,000 lbs

Cargo Capacity: 47,150—47,650 lbs

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