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Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck

Ready for the ultimate gooseneck trailer? A premium trailer providing long-lasting durability, the 22GN Tandem Dual Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer is built to work the toughest jobs in the most rugged conditions. From its dual 2-Speed 50K landing gear to HD adjustable suspension, it’s designed to handle heavy-duty hauling needs, particularly for transporting heavy construction equipment and hotshotting.

22GN 22GN

Model Pull Type GVWR Empty Weight Cargo Capacity Bed Length Bed Width Tongue Length
22GN-40STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 7800 lbs 16100 lbs 40' 102" 97"
22GN-40D5A Gooseneck 23900 lbs 7950 lbs 15950 lbs 40' 102" 97"
22GN-36STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 7200 lbs 16700 lbs 36' 102" 97"
22GN-35STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 35' 102" 97"
22GN-35D5A Gooseneck 23900 lbs 7200 lbs 16700 lbs 35' 102" 97"
22GN-33STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 33' 102" 97"
22GN-33D5A Gooseneck 23900 lbs 6900 lbs 17000 lbs 30' 102" 97"
22GN-30STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 30' 102" 97"
22GN-30D5A Gooseneck 23900 lbs 28' 102" 97"
22GN-28STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 6300 lbs 17600 lbs 25' 102" 97"
22GN-25STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 25' 102" 97"
22GN-25D5A Gooseneck 23900 lbs 5800 lbs 18100 lbs 25' 102" 97"
22GN-20STA Gooseneck 23900 lbs 20' 102" 97"

Standard Feature Available Options
Axles 2 - 10,000# Dual Wheel w/ Oil Bath & Valcrum Caps
Brakes Forward Self-Adjusting Electric Brakes on Both Axles Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Disc)
Suspension Heavy-Duty 30,000#, Adjustable
Coupler 2-5/16” Demco EZ Latch Gooseneck Coupler
Safety Chains 3/8" Grade 70 w/ Safety Latch Hook (2 ea)
Jack Dual Two Speed Landing Gear- 50K lbs. Capacity (Bolted On) Dual Electric Over Hydraulic Landing Gear by Stillwell™
Frame 12" I-Beam, 19#
Cross-Members 3" Channel
Floor Treated Pine or Douglas Fir Blackwood Pro Rubber Infused Lumber Floor (per linear foot)
Ramps 5’ Double Hinged Spring Assist Flip-Over Ramps, (Straight Deck Models do not Include Ramps) Flip-Over Ramps (Standard Configuration on "D5" Models) 8' Rear Slide-In Ramps (Available on ST models Only) No Ramps (Standard Configuration on "ST" models) (2) 5' MEGA Ramps (Available on D5 Models Only)
Dovetail 5' Cleated Dovetail (on D5A models only)
Stake Pockets Stake Pockets Along Both Sides, 24" O.C. (Quantity Varies by Length)
Trailer Plug 7-Way RV
Lights Recessed, Grommet-Mounted L.E.D. Lighting
Wiring Sealed, Modular Cold-Weather Wiring Harness
Tires ST235/80 R-16 Load Range E (Dual) Tire Upgrade (ST235/80 R-16 LR-G) Includes Spare Tire Upgrade (ST215/75 R-17.5 LR-H Dual) Includes Spare
Bolt Pattern 8-Bolt
Wheels Black Mod
Spare Mount Top of Neck Spare Tire Mount
Spare Tire ST235/80 R-16 Load Range E (Included)`
Paint Type Professional Finish w/ Primer Standard
Paint Color Black
Rubrail 3/8” Heavy Duty Rub Rail on Both Sides
Break-Away Kit Complete Breakaway System w/ Zip™ Breakaway Cable and Charger
Mudflaps Standard
Storage Front Lockable Toolbox Uprights w/ Chain Holder Low Profile Tool Box 12” x 18” x 36” (Side Mount) Removable Deck on the Neck- Bolt On (8' W x 6' L)
Cargo Winch Sliding Winch Track (standard on Trailer 33' or Longer ) 4" Sliding Winch (Each) 4" Weld-On Winch (Each) Sliding Winch Track (Per 6' Section), for trailers less than 33' long
Pipe Chain Spools 1-1/4” Pipe Chain Spools Between Stake Pockets Pockets 4" x 30' Strap Extra 5/8" D-Rings
Steps & Handles (2) Retractable Side Bed Steps + Handles Helping Hand Riser Step
Twist Guard™ Included on trailers 33' and Longer
Work Light Deck Work Light Package w/ Step Illumination

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