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ATV/UTV Haulers

Trailers purpose-built to safely and securely move all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility task vehicles (UTV) from point A to B, with side ramps that make loading and unloading a breeze.

Landscape Trailers

Built for commercial landscaping and designed to move equipment without hassle, these light- to heavy-duty trailers are built to move yard waste and keep equipment secured to ensure you’re ready for the day ahead.

Tube-Top Utility Trailers

Designed with side walls to secure cargo, Tube-Top Utility trailers are available in a wide variety of sizes and are versatile enough to haul everything from lawnmowers to landscaping equipment and supplies.

Vanguard Trailers

Protecting cargo with tall, solid side panels, these versatile and multi-purpose trailers can haul whatever you need to get the job done—whether you’re a pro landscaper or weekend gardener.

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Pro Series Tandem Axle Landscape Trailer

Width: 83"

Length: 18', 20'

GVWR: 9,990 lbs

Cargo Capacity: 7,130—7,250 lbs



Single Axle Landscape Trailer

Width: 83"

Length: 12', 14'

GVWR: 2,995 lbs

Cargo Capacity: 1,275—1,485 lbs



Tandem Axle Landscape Trailer

Width: 83"

Length: 14', 16'

GVWR: 7,000 lbs

Cargo Capacity: 4,630—4,790 lbs

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