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New Trailer Trends: Rubber-Infused Wood, Black Rims, And More

What are the latest trends with utility trailers and truck beds? We spoke with our partners BigTex Trailers and CM Truck Beds at the 2017 North American Trailer Dealer Association (NATDA) trade show to get the scoop.

There are two products that are quickly gaining in popularity: rubber-infused wood or lumber by Blackwood brand, and blacked out trailer rims. Both of these combine a cool look with function.

Rubber-infused lumber is a strip of rubber that has been bonded into a groove cut into a plank. The new surface has a lot more grip than a plain piece of lumber. It’s worth considering if you are trying to load awkward and heavy equipment onto the trailer in wet or cold climates. It also helps to keep cargo in place that otherwise may have a tendency to slide.

The black-painted steel trailer rims are the other emerging trend. It does provide a cool look with combined with silver or chrome lug nuts and center cap. They can also hide mud a little better when they get dirty.

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