National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ (NATM) mission is to unify the trailer manufacturing industry by improving trailer safety and performance, addressing regulatory issues, enhancing the image, providing educational tools, industry events, and offering membership benefits. In 1987 NATM was founded to serve livestock trailers, but in 1992 made the move to represent all light and medium duty trailer manufactures. The NATM has grown to represent more than 410 trailer manufacturing and 350 supplier companies in the last 25 years.

The NATM Compliance Verification Program was created to promote safety and compliance for the trailer manufacturing industry. In 2002, NATM implemented the Compliance Verification Program, at which time it was on a volunteer basis. As of Jan.1, 2012, the program became a requirement for membership, due to the success of the program. Big Tex is dedicated to providing their dealers and end users with the safest trailer on the road possible, they have been associated with the NATM since the very beginning.

The most-valuable benefit for Big Tex to be a member of the NATM is the involvement in the Compliance Verification Program. For Big Tex Trailers to be a member of the NATM, they must comply with the guidelines recommended for minimum manufacturing practices for light and medium duty trailers. Big Tex Trailers successfully completes the consultation process every year; they can purchase exclusive compliance decals which you will see on all Big Tex Trailers.

As a member, Big Tex Trailers can participate in the NATM official publication named “Tracks”. Be sure to pick one up, if you see “Tracks” laying around. “Tracks” Magazine provides technical articles, updates, association news, as well as other trailer topics. Big Tex Trailers understands that customers buy different types of trailers; that is why we maintained the most-diverse product line in the industry. You can get updated information on our new products in the NATM magazine.

When you buy a Big Tex Trailer, you are also getting the peace of mind that it will be NATM Certified.

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The North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) is the only professional business association in North America that serves the light and medium duty trailer dealers while bringing them together as a unified team. The trailer industry has had many hard struggles and waited patiently for years to gain financial strength, professional credibility, and industry recognition. Thanks to the NATDA, finally the wait is over! Because they unite the trailer dealers within a professional business association, the association can provide dealers with only the very best benefits, programs, and education available. NATDA works hard for you so they can continue to provide the very best products and services to their members.
As one of the main sponsors, a Diamond member, Big Tex Trailers is proud of its continuing partnership with NATDA. Big Tex dealers have long been synonymous with the industry’s best dealerships from coast to coast. Their dealers have complete dealerships-better customer service, better inventory, the industry’s best marketing, and most importantly the best service and parts facilities anywhere! By being a participating Diamond member within NATDA, we can give back to our dealers. Some of the membership benefits provided are programs and services designed to either save money or make money, and Big Tex Trailers likes to pass these savings on to our dealers.
Every year NATDA puts on a Trade Show & Convention. All segments of the trailer industry will be represented including the lq, cargo, race car, horse, marine, dump, flatbed and toy hauler markets. There will be manufacturers, dealers, product and service vendors, financial institutions and insurance companies together at one show with the sole purpose of trying to earn your business. As one of the main sponsors, Big Tex Trailers will be well represented with trailers on display ranging from a gooseneck to horse and livestock.
You will also see an article about Big Tex Trailers in the NATDA Magazine, which is published six times per year and circulated to more than 5,000 industry professionals. This magazine is a great place to read about Big Tex Trailers new products and services, sales and marketing ideas, tips for parts and service departments, or any other industry related news.


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