Gooseneck & Heavy Equipment Options

Hydraulic Dovetail

Hydraulic Dovetail

Check out our new 9′ Hydraulic Dovetail! With a diamond plate knife edge, this dovetail provides better load transition. Included is a collapsible rear bumper for improved safety. Also standard is a manual locking lever for added safety, a lockable underbody battery, and a pump box. Learn More

Sliding Winch Track and Winches

If you are towing multple sizes and combinations of cargo, adding sliding winch track and sliding winches is a major convenience.

Underbody Tool Box

While most of the Big Tex gooseneck models feature a lockable toolbox at the front of the trailer, sometimes additional storage is needed. That’s when an underbody toolbox makes a great addition to your trailer. Available in sizes up to 48″ long, you can customize your storage needs.

Mega Ramps

Check out the NEW Mega Ramp design by Big Tex Trailers. The Mega Ramps are 44″ wide and when closed, give you a full deck space to use for additional cargo. Mega Ramps are double springed to allow them to be easily lifted and used. The 1/8″ diamond plate ramp operates with an innovative double action spring system which allows the end user much more versatility.

Center Pop-Up Dovetail

The Big Tex Center Pop-Up Dovetail is a great option for adding versatility to your trailer. When in the closed position, you can load your trailer just like a standard dovetail, but when popped up, you instantly gain an additional 5′ of cargo area. The center pop-up dovetail is spring loaded and is extremely easy to use.

Straight-Deck (No Dovetail)

Have a deck up to 40′ long by deleting the dovetail off of your gooseneck. You can also add optional 8′ rear slide in ramps if you opt for a straight deck trailer.

Third Ramp Option

If you are hauling specialized equipment that needs a middle ramp, like a tricycle-style tractor, then adding the third ramp option to your gooseneck is right for you. When adding the third ramp, 1/8″ diamond plate will be added to all three ramps.

Deck on Neck

Provides increased deck space. Easy installation & disassembly. Treated wood deck for increased life span. Equipped with rubrail and stake pockets for load security. Available for purchase aftermarket for all Big Tex goosenecks.

Low Profile Pierced Beam Frame

All Big Tex gooseneck and heavy equipment trailers are equipped with pierced i-beam cross members. These models have a lower deck height than traditionally manufactured trailers. (more…)

Sealed Modular Wiring Harness

A sealed modular wiring harness is standard on all Big Tex gooseneck and heavy equipment trailers to protect the wiring and lighting of the trailers. The sealed wiring is protected from the elements and since the harness is modular, repairs are easy and fast when needed.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Suspension

Big Tex brings a whole new meaning to HD by featuring a Heavy Duty Adjustable Suspension on all models with a GVWR of 23,000# or higher. This suspension is rated for a higher capacity and is also fully adjustable if the trailer were to get out of alignment.

12″ I-Beam Necks on GN Products

Our gooseneck trailers all have 12” I-Beam neck and frames to give you the strength you need to haul your heavy load. Whether you are hauling backhoes, skid steers, tractors, or heavy pallets, a Big Tex Gooseneck is designed to get your load to the job site safely, without fail!

Radial Tires Standard

All Big Tex gooseneck and heavy equipment trailers feature radial tires as standard equipment. Radial tires perform better than traditional biased ply tires due to the fact that they run cooler, are steel belted for a tougher overall construction, and have a longer tread life.

NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brakes

Hauling a heavy load always takes heavy braking. At Big Tex Trailers, we have the best braking system in the business-hands down. Our brakes adjust to the load that you place on our units and ensure that you never have to worry about stopping when the unexpected happens!

NATM & D.O.T. Compliant

When you buy a Big Tex Trailer, rest assured that our trailers have been thoroughly designed and inspected, legal to haul on all highways in the United States and Canada. Our lighting, reflectors, axles connections, and couplers are all rated and tested to ensure that you never have to worry about what you are pulling!

Automotive Grade Finish

Big Tex Trailers aren’t just painted. We take pride in preparing our steel, priming our trailers with automotive grade primers, and then finishing our units with industry leading automotive grade paints and powders so that you can rest assured that our units will hold up when the conditions don’t!

Treated Pine

We install treated pine floors in all of our units so that you are not assuming the costly maintenance of replacing floors annually. Whether you are in the heat of summer or tough winter conditions, our floors will hold up to the test. (Douglas fir floors are standard in our product built in Caldwell, ID)

Cambered Axles on Tandems

When tire wear and load balance are important, Big Tex has you in mind. Our cambered axles are designed to properly distribute weight and reduce tire wear when your unit is loaded to rated capacity so that you don’t have to worry about uneven distribution and tire wear.

Flush Mounted L.E.D. Lighting

Safety is something that we keep in mind every day at Big Tex Trailers. When you look at our lighting, you will notice that we use the safest lighting in the industry, LED lighting. This lighting is brighter, more dependable, and uses less power from the tow vehicle. (more…)

Dexter Brand Axles

Clearly the best option in the industry in axles, Dexter combines quality, value, and consistency far above any other axle on the market today! Dexter parts are readily available at 1000’s of dealerships around the country.