Hoist Comparison

Posted on August 22nd, 2014

One of the most important features of a dump trailer is the hoist that lifts the bed.  Without a good hoist system, even a trailer built with the strongest structural components would be useless.  Below we compare the different type of dump configuration offered by Big Tex Trailers and its competitors:Dump Trailers Hoist
Dual Ram Hoist – Although many people would think that two hoists are better than one, that is simply not the case.  By having to rely on two cylinders working in tandem, this system is not as reliable as others.  If one hoist were to ever get out of rhythm with the other, it could cause catastrophic frame twist and major damage.  In addition, all lifting of the end is focused on the outer frame of the dump trailer, placing unnecessary stress on the frame.  This system can lead to a shorter productive life for the frame of the trailer due to frame fatigue.

Single Ram Hoist – The Single Ram Hoist system is an economical system best utilized in home-owner style and light commercial applications.  In the Big Tex product line, the 70SR & 10SR models feature this hoist system.  By having only one hoist, this system requires less maintenance than the Dual Ram system and is less susceptible to frame twist and failure.

Scissor Hoist – The Scissor Hoist is the premier hoist system for commercial applications.  When using a scissor hoist, the lifting pressure is spread over a wider surface area, less stress is placed on critical frame locations and is more efficient at lifting the bed.  The wider base of the Scissor Hoist also makes it much more stable for raising and lowering of shifting or uneven cargo.  Scissor hoists are featured on all commercial grade Big Tex Dumps!