HD Adjustable Suspension


Heavy Duty Suspension


Introducing the all new Heavy Duty Adjustable Suspension System on all 22GN HD and 25GN HD trailers. Manufactured for Big Tex Trailers exclusively by Dexter Axle, this suspension utilizes a heavy duty, commercial grade suspension to allow for better towing and trailer performance.

What Makes HD Adjustable Suspension System so Important to You?

  1. Manufactured by Dexter Axles just for Big Tex. A trailer is only as good as their components, that is why Big Tex teamed up with Dexter to create “A New Meaning to HD”.  For over 40 years, Dexter Axle has supplied the industry with premium axles.  Dexter is synonymous with high quality, reliable axles that are always on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, and best of all, American made.
  2. Increased axle spread for maximum trailer stability
  3. Double slipper spring design for better tracking
  4. Heavy duty mechanical design reduces road shock to cargo and improves integrity, reliability, and durability
  5. Adjustable trailing rods provide for continuous precise axle alignment reducing drag and increasing tire life
  6. Extended life equalizer bushings, providing less wear leading to lower maintenance time and cost
  7. Extends axle and suspension warranty from 2 to 3 years
  8. Pierced beam construction = stronger frame and lower deck height
  9. STANDARD on All 22GN-HDs and 25GN-HD